Gyraline Privacy Policy (March, 2024)

We believe the right to privacy is important and fundamental to a functioning society. Thus, as we continue to develop our products and services, we aim to maximize the privacy of our users.

As of now, we do not have a reason to directly collect any personal data from our non-commercial users and so the gist of our privacy policy is simple: Gyraline does not directly collect or store your personal user data. The only exception to this simple policy is when personal data is volunteered for a particular use (such as technical support). It is at that time where we may directly collect personal user data. These collections will be limited to the particular use and the data will be submitted by the user themselves, i.e., the data will not be collected automatically. Following the completion of the particular use (such as technical support), any personal user data will be deleted.

However, our products and services may involve or require one or more third parties’ products and services such as application stores, payment processors, websites, data stores, devices and/or operating systems. We are not responsible for the data collected by these third parties, but we may use the data from time to time. We recommend reviewing the privacy policies in place regarding these third parties and educating yourself about what data is being collected. 

Our Privacy Policy may change in the future as Gyraline gains features and users. If this Privacy Policy does change, we will notify you on our website, by email, or in the application. If you do not agree to the current Gyraline Privacy Policy (or the applicable policies of the third parties mentioned above), you must immediately cease the use of and/or uninstall all Gyraline products and services. See your License Agreement and Terms of Conditions for further information.

In any place where there is conflict between this Privacy Policy and (a) any License Agreement and Terms of Conditions and/or (b) any Service Agreement and Terms and Conditions, the License Agreement and Terms of Conditions and/or Service Agreement and Terms and Conditions supersedes to the maximum extent allowed under law. An example of this may be in a Service Agreement and Terms and Conditions for commercial Gyraline products and services, such as Gyraline Professional.

Gyraline reserves all rights regarding this Privacy Policy, including to amend at any time and require agreement for the use and/or continued use of any Gyraline product or service.