Sell every alignment in 40 seconds or less

  • Step 1

    A customer arrives for a free alignment check.

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    Step 2

    Your technician measures a front wheel, then moves to the opposite side and measures again.

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    Step 3

    They move the the rear axle and repeat the same simple process.

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    Step 4

    The technician shows the customer their alignment and a sale can be instantly made. 💵

Gyraline keeps your alignment rack FULL

low tech - lower income

Conventional Shop

This is how much a shop relying on conventional, laborious 10 minute alignment checks might make in a year with one alignment machine. Take special note of the customers, less satisfied after waiting 1 hr for a "quick check".

These are unlikely to return to you.

high tech - higher income

Gyraline Shop

Here's how much a shop with Gyraline might make in a year with one Gyraline Quick Check and one alignment machine. Take note of the happier customers - their alignments were instantly checked, and the only one's waiting are the ones that could actually use one.

These customers are probably more likely to return for the fast, convenient, mordern service.